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Board pack software combines all the information needed into one easily digestible and accessible file which directors can access from their computers, tablets or phones. Board members do not have to communicate via non-secure channels, such as email. Every document is presented in the most recent version. If an amendment or new report is required or replaced, it will be done within the board packs immediately, and every user will receive a real-time notice informing them that the changes have been made.

It is tempting to include as many details as possible in your board’s documents to comply with rules and provide an advantage for meeting preparation. However, this can be confusing or overwhelming for board directors who require concise and concise reports. The best boards find the balance between strict compliance while also providing value to the business. They utilize templates, and incorporate logically organized information, stick to precise language, and avoid excessively technical content.

The chair of the board is the primary responsibility for the contents of the board pack, and they should be the one taking the lead over ensuring the content is accurate and informative. Board members are busy and may not have time to read and absorb a board’s contents in two weeks. The ideal timeframe for submitting board documents is 7-10 days. This will allow board members the time they need to absorb, read and focus on the content.