Have you ever wanted to own an item that Vanessa has worn or used? Here’s your chance! Team Hudgens hosts giveaways with collaborative brands to give fans that Opportunity!


2 photos autographed by Vanessa Hudgens


Cotton Candy’ Z-Flect Shorts by SOFFE

Slip Cami Crop’ in Mandala Red by Motel Rocks

Black & Gold Iphone Purse Case by PurseCase

Olive Green Onesie by CCRBrand

Rust Millibar Pant by Native Youth

Babe Denim Hat by The Style Club

Steff Deluxe Mirror Sunglasses by WILDFOX

Hera Hoop Earrings in Stainless Steel by Accessory Concierge

Luna Keyhole top by Wolven

Daydreamer LA Prismatic Tie Die Ribbed Tank Top by Spoiled Brat UK