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Vanessa Hudgens has partnered with Emblm Fine Jewelry for their “Children of the lost sun” signet collection which is a collaboration project between TwiinLake and the brand.

In partnership with the line, TwiinLake (A Multimedia Duo by the names of Jason Morant & Asher Moss) has also released a limited quantity photograph book and Album that goes by the same name (Children of the lost sun.) The book features Vanessa wearing the luxury pieces.

Shop the Emblm Fine Jewelry & book here.

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Vanessa Hudgens has joined an all star cast to star in Netflix’s upcoming My Little Pony: A New Generation. The role she’ll be taking on is Sunny Starscout.

My Little Pony: A New Generation is an upcoming animated comedy fantasy film by Robert Cullen and Jose Ucha, with Cecil Kramer and Peter Lewis producing. Based on The My Little Pony series by Hasbro, the film will be the start of the fifth incarnation of the franchise, while also serving as a direct follow-up to the fourth incarnation. Entertainment One will produce the film, and will be animated by Boulder Media.

Summary of the film: Set years after the events of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, the film will center on Sunny Starscout, an outcast and young activist earth pony who still sees hope in Equestria where Twilight Sparkle‘s teachings on friendship and harmony have been replaced with paranoia and mistrust, and where all three species of ponies live segregated from one another. However, when she meets a lost unicorn named Izzy, the two embark on an adventure involving musical numbers, a jewel heist, conspiracy theories, and “the world’s cutest flying Pomeranian” as they travel to new lands while facing their fears and turning enemies into friends.

Originally set to be released theatrically by Paramount Pictures, the film is scheduled for a September 24, 2021 release on Netflix. The Cast includes notable names such as Sofia Carson, Liza Koshy, James Mardsen, Kimiko Glenn, Elizabeth Perkins, Jane Krakowski, Ken Jeong & more.

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Vanessa Hudgens & Singer Madison Beer have come together to partner up with ‘Know Beauty’. Know Beauty is a small stealth brand that is aiming towards making skincare personalization fun and affordable.

“We envision a world where everyone KNOWS their own beauty, inside and out.” – (Know Beauty)

Check out their social pages below!




Website (Shop Here)

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Vanessa Hudgens has performed “FAME” in Tribute of Debbie Allen for the 43rd Annual Kennedy Center Honors. Down below you can watch Vanessa talk about Debbie Allen & a sneak peak of her upcoming performance which airs on CBS & Paramount + on June 6th at 7 pm!

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Vanessa Hudgens is set to make an appearance on The ‘Drew Barrymore Show’ on Friday, May 7th 2021 to talk all things CaliWater and her upcoming projects. Be sure to tune in at 9 am EST on CBS.

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Vanessa Hudgens and friend turned business partner Oliver Trevena stopped by Fox NY’s “Good Morning New York” to talk to Rosanna Scotto to talk about their new and rebranded business, Cali Water.

Down below you can watch the interview & promotional clip that aired during Vanessa & Oliver’s interview!

You can also purchase the drink, here

video credit: FOX 5 NY

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Vanessa Hudgens and Oliver Trevena will make an appearance at Good Day New York, a news broadcasting show on Fox 5, to chat all things about their Joint business ‘Cali Water’, airing tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM Est.

Cali Water is a drink made with Cactus’s which offers a “Refreshing Taste & Rare Antioxidants”.

The brand was founded and co-founder by Oliver Trevena & Vanessa Hudgens, relaunching April 26th 2021.

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Vanessa Hudgens will host the MTV Movie & TV Awards: Greatest of All Time,” which premieres Sunday, December 6 at 8 p.m.

The 90-minute tv special will pay homage to the best of the best from the most beloved actors to scene stealing moments from the 1980s until now.

The special will include mostly new material, along with some clips from previous MTV Movie & TV Awards shows. The special also promises “exclusive footage of the most anticipated 2021 releases.” Performers and honorees will be announced later.

Spanning from the 1980s to today, “Greatest of All Time” comes as MTV prepares to mark its 40th anniversary next year (having launched on Aug. 1, 1981).

Via variety

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Check out the official trailer & poster of Netflix’s The Princess Switch: Switched Again!

The sequel will premiere November 19th on Netflix— and will be followed a third Princess Switch movie in 2021.

The sequel triples the intrigue as Hudgens not only reprises the roles of Duchess Margaret and Princess Stacy but takes on a third doppelganger: Margaret’s party-girl cousin Fiona, who enters the festive fray. In the movie, which was filmed in Scotland, Duchess Margaret inherits the throne to Montenaro and finds trouble in her relationship with boyfriend Kevin, prompting Princess Stacy of Belgravia to brainstorm a plan to reconnect the lovers. But a handsome royal with designs on Margaret complicates the scenario, as does the arrival of Fiona, who has a joie de vivre as well as a troubled past.

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Vanessa Hudgens has been plugged in to host a virtual event to celebrate Halloween via Instagram! on Saturday, October 31st at 0am PT/1pm ET. Vanessa and her guests will be cooking treats, showing makeup looks, talking about spooky content to create and giving some last minute Halloween costume ideas.