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In the majority of cases, when watching any media piece it’s easy for a viewer to judge a show on its past performance and build expectations about what they would like to watch. This often leads to the feeling of being disappointed when a show does not meet expectations. Cross Game is a shounen which shows that even an uncomplicated story about love and baseball can lead to a a beautiful ending.

The main characters in the show are all memorable including the four street sisters to Ko’s best pal Daiki. This small cast is what makes the entire show so special and able to bring an element of character and atmosphere to every scene they appear in. They are able to tackle themes such as death and love easily and give them a deeper feeling than you’d expect from a simple shonen.

Cross Game is unique because it knows where to direct its attention. While the characters are all very well developed, there’s not a lot of tension or surprises that occur in each episode. This gives the viewers the chance to enjoy the relationship development without being distracted by the need to create emotional tension or a plot that is constantly trying to surprise readers with new twists and the possibility of cliffhangers. Cross Game is a wonderful film since it avoids all of these pitfalls. The genre could use more of this.