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Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens will be in a Disney cobranded holiday issue of Who What Wear, born to celebrate Minnie Mouse 91st birthday, dressed in a Minnie Mouse-inspired look.

Disney is releasing new Minnie-themed products with license partners like Kate Spade, Uniqlo and Zara, which will be worked into all of the content for a special holiday edition of digital site Who What Wear.
To ensure those the demos are reached, the holiday issue features a main editorial feature with Vanessa Hudgens, who started her career in Disney’s “High School Musical,” another interview and shoot with popular YouTube beauty personality Patrick Ta and dancer/influencer Charlize Glass. – Read more

“I have loved Minnie Mouse for as long as I can remember,” she shares. “To me, Minnie is legendary.”

I ask the born-and-bred Californian whether New York feels like home yet. “It does; it’s become a real home,” she tells me. “I feel like a New Yorker. Every time I come back to L.A., I feel slightly out of place.”

“No one ever gets my age right,” she tells me, laughing as she adds that she doesn’t mind it at all. “I used to want to be older when I was younger. Now that I’m 30, if you tell me I look underage,I actually greatly appreciate it. Most people are acquainted with me via High School Musical, so I think in their eyes, I’ll be forever 15.”- Read more

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